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26 May 2016 | 3:00 PM | 0 comments

So hey. I've already finished with all assessments from Yayasan Peneraju// MYPAC at Intec Education Shah Alam.

Alhamdulillah.. the assessments went well, inshaAllah. ngee.

the result will come out end of June. I really hope my name will be listed. InshaAllah.

Here is my experiences that i've been through from 20th May 2016 (FRIDAY) which was English and Technical Assessments.

But this is from Intec assessment, it was not same as Sunway college. tau tau.

Technical Assessment
- It is about 30 questions that we need to answer by using computer. Most of them from accounting subject and business math that we have learned from diploma.
- For me, it was quite hard if you don't master all those subjects from diploma such as Management accounting; basic accounting; theory about accounting; function investor. errrrr.. soalan function investor ni aku macam stuck sikit. apa function investor weh?!
- But don't worry, all those questions just objective// MCQ only. Calculation punya part biasa-biasa je. But, korang mestilah be prepared. Jangan jadi macam aku.. Malam before that day baru terkial-kial bukak google. Since buku banyak dah bagi kat junior. Chet!
- Technical assessment ni, i just got 19/30. Sikit je en. Sobs.. But alhamdulillah, katanya itu markah actually lepas target yang peneraju tetapkan. i was like... seriously.......

English Assessment
- this assessment was like horrible thing in my life, maybe. because the question that we have to answer is from oxford website.
- that time, aku terus teringat akan IELTS daku. so i take the assessment as my challenge & study for my IELTS la kiranya.
- there was also listening test. Kat Sunway College takde pulak listening test ni.
- that listening test, hmm..macam muet @ ielts. British accent la for sure. Part ni lagi senang dari ielts kot. hahahaha.
- other than that, it was like a simple question. basic thing from english.
- Idk what marks i got for this assessment.


So after i finished with that assessment, i need to wait until Sunday for the result whether my name will be shortlisted for next assessment or not. So yeah, alhamdulillah. i proceed with my next assessment, and the assessment was interview session.

The interview was held on 26th May 2016, and yes. It is today!

Interview Session
- I make sure to be prepared well enough for this session. I am just from diploma student, so i need to lain daripada yang lain person. Haha. so that the Peneraju will choose me as their scholar. :P
- My panel is from one of members from Yayasan Peneraju, i forgot what is his name. Hazwan or Syazwan? Oh my bad.. Haha! the other panel is one of the lecturer in Intec.
- So here's the question that i need to answer during the interview:

1) Tell me about yourself (common question)
   My answer: give my full name; born in 1995 at Terengganu; previous study; my character;

2) Family background
3) Why do you interest doing accounting?
   My answer: aku bagi definition accounting dulu. hahahaha. SKEMA. then, i told a little bit experience when i was internship before. so muka panel macam terpegun ah.. rupanya aku ni ada experience keje kat accounting firm before. eceh.. *acahacah* so aku cakaplah, quite interesting when i need to explain to the clients about their Financial Statement. And i enjoy by doing the job. cett.

4) Why ACCA? Why not Degree? or DBS?
   My Answer : Waktu ni aku da macam.. macam da agak panel mesti tanya soalan ni. ecece. bcs of my english speaking macam berterabur sikit. Tak plan sangat untuk jawab soalan ni dengan bagus. Aku pon citer la.. aku dulu taktau pon kat Malaysia ada course profesional untuk akaun ni. Aku tahu pon masa dekat diploma. masa kat sekolah tak diberi pendedahan sangat about this course. Sedih en.. Then i told to panels that i start to take the ACCA after i finish my diploma. bcs my target is to become a professional accountant. So this is the shortcut way for me to get the ACCA.

5) But, what if you cannot carry this ACCA?
  = I hv already prepare my mental if i want to further to this course. I know, i need to study hard and smart to make sure I will pass for all ACCA papers. Whatever it is, there's hardship before we achieve a success,right....?  **act aku takdelah jawab se-excellent macam ni tadi.. tapi it sounds like this la..*

6) How the way you studied in your diploma, before?
 = Focus in the class when lecturer is teaching. *rasa nak gelak pon ada,,sebab sometimes aku ada je tido dalam kelas*
make a note and revise back before i go to sleep.
** ahhhh, lupa! sebenarnya tu bukan cara aku. kahkah. sepatutnya sentiasa berdoa pada Allah, fokus dalam kelas. jaga hubungan baik dengan parents, lecturers, amalkan bersedekah, yknow,,the power of sedekah! :) tapi dalam bilik tu, lupa pulak nak cerita semua ni. ha ha.

7) What if you didn't get this scholarship? Do you still want to further study here without any fund?
= aku da macam.. er......... mestila...tak... sebab fees untuk ACCA ni mahal gilaaa.
Maybe I will not further studies for ACCA if i dont have luck here,luck for getting peneraju as my scholarship. But, my target will be the same. I want to become a chartered accountant, so whatever it is, maybe i try to further my studies in degree first, and then continue with ACCA where at that  time, i need to pass only 5 papers for ACCA, right....? haha.

8) Do you know any other scholarship other than Yayasan Peneraju?
 = er...... speechless. haha!
I'm not really sure other scholarship than Yayasan peneraju, but based on what i know, there's MARA provide the scholarship for this programme. But MARA only cover 50% and do not give the allowance for student....... and yes! I also know a bit info from DBS programme, they suggest to further degree in Dublin for a year, and ACCA for the next year (also one year), and what i need to do is, i need to get the scholarship such as Bank Rakyat.. So this is also a new programme that focus on bumiputera.

9) What will you see in urself in the next 5 or 10 years?
 = I will become one of a chartered accountant in any big 4. Besides, i also want to open business but it's not a business like selling product.. i want to open business that provide services to people.(accounting firm), because i want to help bumiputera people to run their business in a right way. i mean, how to gain profit from time to time.. not just running the business but actually they don't get profit. the people that inspiring me for opening this business is actually my boss from my previous training. *ececece*

oke, tertinggal satu soalan..

- How do you know about ACCA?


Lebih kurang macam ni ler interview session aku.
hope membantu korang untuk next assessment by this June.

Siapa yang masih berminat nak apply.. apply cecepat! Masih buka tau. Sampai hujung May ni!



So, doakan aku sukses either acca or degree . InshaAllah.


btw, kalau daripada student KPTM, untuk ACCA, kita tak dapat exemption paper F4. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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