03.autumn & heart

31 October 2015 | 7:43 PM | 0 comments

The weird things about me.

1. Cant handle situation such as dont understand what was lecturer taught. Cry, mad and lastly, i will close the book.

2. Cant handle with people that try to ignore me. If opposite gender. I will act like that too. I will ignore him as far as i could. Haha!

3. Cant handle with people who make a cute face. Cute act and so on. Walaupun tadi kemaen ignore. at last, we're being friend back. Cis. Haha.

4. Do not easily get into mood . Whatever mood. Until I am forced myself to get the mood. Such as studying, open book, key in data, make working paper and so on.

5. Cant handle with people crying because dont understand what was lect said. And ask me to teach about it again. Woi! Comel sangat kenapa!

okay. 5 is enough. Haha!

lastly, yes. this post is all about you. Patutnya aku rakam time kau buat muka sedih gila tu. Sorry cuz I ignored you for 3 months maybe? hek eleh. kau yang start dulu. i just played the game. kbai.

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