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Shaykh Tawfique Chowdury explains how surah Ad-Dhuha is an antidote for depression. It was revealed at a time when the prophet stopped receiving any revealation from Allah for 6 month. Nothing at all. Jibril did not come down, and the prophet did not get any dreams.

That time rasulullah was sad & began to think that Allah hates him. That Allah did not want him as a nabi anymore. All these thoughts comes to his mind. Dont this happen to us? When things dont go our way we begin to think god isnt fair, He isnt listening to our du'as. We feel that Allah is not responding to us, that he does not care. Thus we feel devastated.

So what did Allah do?

He brought down surah Dhuha- for the prophet, & for us all.

(1) "waddhuha. by the sun & the morning in its blazing glory." The first thing u tell a person who's depressed is to wake up, see the sun. Its not all doom & gloom. Its a good day out there. Look at the sun and how it shines for you. Isn't it amazing when we think about how Allah created the sun for us. That enormous big ball of light is created for YOU my friend.

(2) "wallaili izaa sajaa- And by the night as it develops and gives comfort." The problem of people who are depressed is that they stay up at night & sleep in the morning. They have a bad sleeping pattern. Psychologically, this effects a person's mood and emotion and gives a bad impact physically, emotionally and mentally. One major reason leading to depression.

(3) "Allah does not hate u Oh Muhammad nor has He forgotton you." Allah does not hate us. Not at all. He does not hate you. In fact, God loves us more than our mother loves us.

(4) "and indeed the hereafter will be far better for u". The storm shall pass and surely what is waiting for you is far better than what you have to go through now. Allah promised. And when God promises, he keeps it.

(5) "and very soon your lord will give you a massive reward & make you happy." Very soon all this hurt will end. Very soon the situation will get better. Very soon it will all be okay. Very soon my friend, have faith.

(6) "Did He not find you an orphan and look after you?". Ask urself, at times when u feel hopeless, didnt God still grant u nice clothes to wear? Did he stop giving u shelter?

(7) "And He found u lost, and guided you". Allah saw you misguided and wandering helplessly, and He gave you Islam, what more can you ask for?

(8) "And he found u poor, & sustained you". If u still have food to eat, & fresh air to breathe in today, trust me dude your situation isnt really that bad.

(9 & 10) Allah tells us that the best way to overcome depression is to look at those who are more unfortunate.

(11) "and for the ni'mat u get, must u announce gratefulness". Overcome davastation by syukr. Alhamdulillah for our eyes, our hands, for protection, for our families. Wallahi, you are so blessed. So cheer up.

Share this with your friends who are going thru a tough moment. May ALLAH ease whatever ure going thru ..

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