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01 September 2013, 1:32 AM

So the title for tonight is? KAWAN. Or in English word, it's called, FRIEND .

Basically, no man is an island. Right? Same goes with me. I've friend. I've a lot of friends!!

But ! Who is my best friend? Hmm...?

Wait ! There's a quote about friendship here..


isn't about whom you have known the longest,
it is about who came ..
and never left your side ..

Now, I am thinking, who is never left my side? Anyone?? Hmm..?

I don't want to share who is my best friend, who are my friends and so on.. I just wanna write something that useful for us !

What do you think about 'friend' ? Is it just a word? Simple word? There's no means by that word??? No !

Friend is a people that care about you. If they're mad on you, it don't mean they hate you, no! It means, they're care about you.

I've a friend that always ask me not to addict in 'lagha' things. ngahaha. Thanks for the advice yahh. ahak~!

But ! I am also have a friend that always don't like me. duh ! Is it a normal thing? Yeah. I must accept a quote that :

Bukan semua orang suka kita. Hey ! Mu pong ada dok suke orang lain, so, terima jela ada orang tak suka kita. 

Duh ! Those words were kick to my face now. Tapi, siapalah aku nak halang daripada kau tak suka aku , kannnnnnnn? Den tak kesah pong~~~~ *lambai2 tangan ala2 missworld*

Untitled | via Tumblr

But, hey ! Did you ever heard of "Berkawan biar seribu.." ?

If I feel something wrong somewhere, I will get on my phone, and SMS to all my friends in my contact phone list. and !!  The true friend will reply your SMS . It happens to me ! Sigh ~

I told to the heart, it's okay. I still have Allah in my heart. Allah is everything to me. Thanks Allah because you give me a lot of friends. Hope the 'ukhuwwah' last in Jannah . In Sha Allah . 


Now.. I miss my friends damn much ! 


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